Education Scholarship

Universitas Kusuma Husada provides scholarships for outstanding students and underprivileged students


Experienced, competent and certified lecturers according to the scientific field

Educational facilities

Universitas Kusuma Husada has various facilities that support the education process

Career Development

Facilitating and helping alumni to prepare themselves in pursuing careers


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Our faculty of health sciences

Universitas Kusuma Husada Surakarta has 11 study programs consisting of 2 diploma study programs, 1 applied undergraduate study programs, 6 undergraduate study programs, and 2 professional study programs.

Our faculty of Economics and Business

Universitas Kusuma Husada Surakarta memiliki 2 program studi jenjang sarjana .

Our Profile

Universitas Kusuma Husada Surakarta began with the establishment of the Midwifery Academy and Nursing Academy of Kusuma Husada Surakarta.

The Nursing Academy and Midwifery Academy of Kusuma Husada Surakarta were established on April 21, 2001, under the auspices of the Kusuma Husada Surakarta Foundation.