Becoming an innovative Digital Business Undergraduate Program with entrepreneurial spirit at the ASEAN level in the field of Artificial Intelligence in 2045.


  1. Organizing educational processes in the field of innovative Digital Business in the field of Artificial Intelligence to produce graduates who are characterized by high competitiveness and entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. Develop scientific research based on Artificial Intelligence and local wisdom directed at the incubator process so that it can be implemented in practical businesses to improve the welfare of the community.
  3. Building strategic partnerships to improve academic quality and strengthen the existence of Digital Business Bachelor Study Programs in global competition.
  4. Develop a network of cooperation with industry, government, private sector both domestically and abroad in the context of increasing the relevance of education and research as well as contributing to improving the welfare of society.


  1. To produce high-quality, high-quality digital business graduates with religious morality, competence and entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. The realization of the results of education and research dissemination to the community resulting in a sustainable transformation for a more prosperous life.
  3. Increasing study program participation to produce scholars who are able to apply Digital Business knowledge through science and community service.
  4. Become a pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence based on local and international values.