Become a Health Promotion Study Program for an Applied Undergraduate Program that has an entrepreneurial spirit, excels at the national level and is well-known at the global level in community empowerment, especially for youth based on digital media in 2045.


  1. Organizing and developing a health promotion vocational education process that is able to produce quality, superior, innovative Health Promoters who are able to compete nationally and globally and have an entrepreneurial spirit based on values, religion, morals, and nationality.
  2. Organizing and developing applied research in the field of health promotion, especially in health empowerment for adolescents by utilizing digital media.
  3. Organizing community service by utilizing digital technology and the results of the latest research in an effort to increase community knowledge and behavior, especially among adolescents.
  4. Developing collaborative networks with health institutions and other educational institutions to support the improvement of the quality of the Tridharma Higher Education activities.
  5. Developing professionalism for the academic community of study programs towards a national and global direction.
  1. To produce health promoters who are intellectual, innovative, competent, have good morals and religion and have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  2. Produce research that encourages the development of science and technology in the field of health promotion, especially in health empowerment in adolescents.
  3. Produce community service activities that are able to support health development based on the results of the latest research and social responsibility.
  4. Developing the professionalism of human resources for study programs (students, teaching staff and education).
  5. Producing cooperation and partnerships with relevant domestic and foreign agencies and institutions.