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Vision : Become a Nutrition Undergraduate Study Program that excels in the field of diet management and healthy food business development at the National and ASEAN levels in 2045


  1. To organize research-based quality undergraduate nutrition education to produce nutritionist with character and high competitiveness and excellence in the field of diet management and food business development.
  2. To organize and develop quality and innovative research in the field of nutrition, especially those related to diet management and food product development by promoting science and technology that supports the development of nutrition science.
  3. To carry out community service in the fields of food, nutrition and,  health in the context of research applications that can provide solutions and benefits for the community in increasing the degree of public health
  4. To develop professionalism for all the academic community of the Undergraduate Nutrition Study Program towards the national and global levels of ASEAN
  5. To develop national and global cooperation networks that support the development of the quality of the Tri Dharma